about me

hi! its my first time ever coding something like this, if that even is the right way to say it ˆˆ;

so as you can tell from my beautiful homepage, my "name" is turbo, and i use he/it pronouns

i am from brazil, so feel free to talk in portuguese or spanish w me! (i dont promise ill answer in spanish tho fghdsjfh)

i am a minor, so dont be weird

i am very gay and so is (will be haha) this website, if you dont like it, go away <3

why have you started this website?

i really hate the current social media sites we have today :( so when i was recommended neocities, i really wanted to give it a shot!

also i am currently going through a big nostalgic y2k/gyaru phase haha so this tipe of thing is right up my alley!

what are some of your interests?